Avon’s Lip defining pencil (Nude) REVIEW

I am so surprised that it’s already March, that only means Summer is coming. Not only that we can already feel the warm atmosphere which wanting us to wear light and simple things. And this is what this product offers us.


I am a huge fan of lippies including lip pencils so when I saw this one to my mama, I ordered just one for a review. And I am amazed by it’s color because it compliments my skin tone and it is very easy to apply (creamy, though). The one that I picked is the Nude color but doesnt seem to be in nude, I prefer to call it Chocolate. Look at the swatch above.


When I used this, it lasted for 8hours, just perfect for my busy work around schedule so I wont need to retouched every time. But I like how it works on me. It gives you an instant glowing-ready-no-make-up-face. When it’s summer we wanted to look natural, light and fresh. So what’s perfect for that is to wear neutral colors. I will definitely place an order for more of Avon’s simply pretty products. By the way this one has two colors for only 69 pesos each. So instead of buying at the mall which may cost you 100 pesos and up, why dont you try placing orders from your Avon dealers. Hassle-free and very affordable. Plus they are always on sale or promos.

More reviews to come for Avon products.
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